Webinar Highlights

Losing weight after giving birth will be the biggest challenge that every woman has to take up. We all know there are so many ways to lose weight. Choosing the natural ways to lose weight helps you to stay away from unwanted health issues.
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Webinar Highlights

I am going to share the highlights of the webinar.   Since it is my very first webinar, there were a total of 11 attendees. The topics I covered are as follows.

  • Know your BMI
  • How the body utilizes calories
  • Reasons for weight gain.
  • Smarter ways to lose your weight without exercise
  • Principles for weight loss
  • Benefits of weight loss
  • How to balance your calories to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Know your BMI

To know BMI, please go through any online BMI calculator which is available in Google, or you can simply check in the below link https://www.hdfclife.com/financial-tools-calculators/bmi-calculator   If your BMI value is between 18.5-24.9 you are under Healthy/ Normal weight If your BMI value is between 25-30 you are under Overweight, which states start your weight loss journey If your BMI value is 30 or above – you are Obese, immediately start your weight loss journey Actually, BMI helps us to set a goal by giving the target how many kilos of weight we need to lose? So before starting your weight loss journey, the first thing you need to know is your BMI.

How the body utilizes calories:

Our systems’ work requires the consumption of calories. Every food we eat has calories. We need to follow one basic rule to lose weight Expenditure of Calories > consumption of calories This is the most important formulae we need to remember and we have to implement it by keeping an eye on what we eat. If we have a heavy body, our body requires more calories to maintain it. Just like a vehicle, a heavy vehicle requires more fuel, compared to medium or small-sized vehicles. Our body utilizes some amount of calories to produce energy, just like thermal electricity which produces electricity, but to do so it uses some amount of electricity by itself.

Reasons for Weight Gain

Everybody has their own reasons for weight gain, but loving yourself and keeping yourself fit is the most important thing we have to do. Weight gain is not an overnight process, reasons include unhealthy food, No physical activity, Post pregnancy.

Smarter ways to lose weight

  • Eating your food only when you are hungry is different from craving. Your craving is not hungry. We eat food when we are hungry, and a dessert after a meal is just a craving.I hope you got the difference
  • Drink Black coffee/ water. 
  • Play with your kids or pets, it actually helps you to initiate your weight loss.
  • Don’t sit for too long.
  • Include a cheat meal.
  • Make yourself busy so that you can stop craving snacks
  • Rest your gut for at least 12 hrs in a day.

Principles for weight loss

Be selfish, love yourself, do at least half an hour of any physical activity Commitment: Make weight loss your first priority. It actually requires Commitment of your time, a commitment of your space.

How to balance your calories to maintain a 

healthy lifestyle.

We have to balance our food according to how many calories we are utilizing. Moderate working women need 1500-2000 calories, it completely depends on the type of physical activity we are doing.  We may lose weight just by controlling the portion and studies have shown that to maintain that weight for longer periods we have to do Physical activities. So, in that way, we have to balance our food and exercise. If you want to watch the video please click here and would love to hear more from you. Come let’s join the below telegram group, which helps to motivate you by inspiring stories, healthy recipes for weight loss, weight loss challenges that everyone can do, and together We all can make a challenge and start this healthy journey. Facebook Group Telegram group