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This is the question most of my tribe asks me and there are so many questions running in our minds about this.

Does eating healthy make you fit?

Does it keep you away from most of the seasonal flu?

Does it boost our immunity?

Do you ever think about to eat healthy at least one meal a day??

Let me explain to you how eating healthy changes your lifestyle.

We are already living in an environment where our natural water resources are polluted, our air is polluted with so many toxins,  and the total environment is radiated where the little birds are disappearing due to this radiation. Technologies have taken many things from us. We really can’t do anything in these changes unless reducing the usage of plastic and preserving the natural resources for our future generation. The only thing in our hands is to choose our food wisely & breath some fresh air by growing some indoor plants in your home and educate others who are interested.
Now choosing healthy food is going to be a big task for us. There are many products available in the market from different brands with affordable prices.
Me as a responsible homemaker I slowly started to make sure my family is going to have at least one meal and snack as healthy. As a snack, you can have any seasonal fruit.
These changes in your food habits make your kids follow the same and let them know the importance of eating healthy.
We can’t imagine how the people’s lifestyle has changed. Most of the people want to do their things done to be instant?
Maybe that is why “banned maggie Instant noodles” are opened again.
They want instant weight loss, they want instant food, they want instant fairness. But take a look at all of them they are just temporary they are not permanent and healthy too.
They order food instantly thinking that cooking healthy food is a time taken process.
Does eating healthy makes you fit??
Yes, healthy eating makes you fit, unless you are utilizing and balancing calories too. Then what’s the point, if you are eating healthy, try to do some physical exercise at least 20min in a day. There is no point if you exercise for an hour and eating unhealthy food immediately. That means you are filling up the burned calories again. Both should be balanced Eat healthily and do exercises if you want to lose weight.
Does it keeps you away from most of the seasonal flu
Yes, by eating seasonal fruits we can stay away from seasonal flu
In my olden days, I can see water and musk melons only in summer to beat the heat, I can see custard apples,  oranges, and gooseberry only in winter and monsoon seasons. They are seasonal fruits gifted by nature. Of course, we can see those fruits in un season also. Please do not eat watermelons in winter and any other unseasonal fruits. They are not naturally riped or they might be from any cold storage which preserves those fruits to sell them on un season for better profits.
Does it boosts immunity??     
Yes, Eating healthy boosts your immunity. Replacing sugar with Jaggery or honey boosts your immunity.
Replacing junk food with fruits or healthy snacks improves your immunity. So choose your food wisely and do not fall sick often.
Do you ever think about to eat healthy at least one meal a day??
Eating healthy is an Individual personal choice. By looking at you your children follow the same. So if you want your family to be healthy, first you have to start your healthy journey. Change your lifestyle and diet according to your routine and observe the changes in your body and soul. Start eating healthy at least one meal a day which you can gradually increase.
An unhealthy lifestyle leads to so many health disorders like cancers and decreases fertility rate in both males and females. So keep an eye on what you eat and how much you are eating. Ask and spend time with your grandparents or elders they may reveal to you most of the secrets how they lead their life and how they were in your age.