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Pregnancy, giving birth to a baby, and lactating are going to be the wonderful things that happen in every women’s life. Being fit losing post pregnancy weight and lactating is going to be the toughest job for your rest of the life.

I have seen many women who don’t care about their health and body after giving birth. Everybody has their own reasons for it. When I met few new moms who stopped lactating and when I ask them about their weight loss journey, I had listened to their common answers just like, they don’t have much time to do exercises, or they don’t have time to consume a healthy diet and they don’t overcome their cravings and eating junk.

Actually, during lactating it becomes habitual to eat more, just to feed your baby. But if once you stop feeding you have to stop overeating also.

In my case it is completely different, I decided at the age of 16 not to be like those moms, just because I love my body, I want to fit in my wedding dress at all of my ages.

By keeping those reasons behind, let’s talk about

why we should lose weight after giving birth.

There is an old saying, If you educate a woman, she is going to educate the entire family, likewise, if a woman is aware of healthy eating, she eventually makes her family eat healthily and to be fit.

A fit mom keeps her family fit and bought her fit child too.

To look good and confident.

Being overweight for a longer period leads to health issues like diabetes and cholesterol etc

This is not the age for those health issues.

Watch my video for more information about reasons for weight gain



Reasons why you are not losing weight

  • Make sure about your portion, you are no more pregnant and no more feeding your baby.
  • Most of the women don’t want to waste their food, they just eat that extra food that makes you obese. Your belly is not a dustbin, to through in extra food. Since you are wasting it anyway,  Eat only a sufficient portion of food.
  • Stop eating your kid’s leftover food unless they are fruits.
  • We prepare our kid’s meals with lots of ghee and sometimes with dry fruits too.
  • Take half an hour of time for yourself or at least 20 min in a day to do any kind of physical exercise, adjust your timings according to your kid’s nap timings. 20 min in a  day, it might be the time you watch your favorite tv show or any serial. Trust me those 20 min are worth more physical exercise than watching those unwanted TV shows.
  • If your kid is cooperative ask them to do exercises with you.

Be Fit and Be strong, if the women in the family are strong and fit she makes her family strong.