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Examine the teeth, see if they are getting good nutrition or not?

Our teeth are direct evidence of the mistakes we have made in the past regarding food.  Our body needs good teeth and strong gums.  Good digestion should also need healthy teeth. Good teeth are desirable not only for health but also for appearance.

Dental diseases come from many reasons, which include a lack of nutrients that are essential for dental health and can also be caused by poor eating habits.  This can cause oral hygiene.

Calcium for teeth

Teeth contain a substance similar to bone.  Just as calcium is an essential nutrient for bone health, so the need for calcium for teeth will be higher.  So it is better to drink plenty of milk to keep the teeth healthy.

Although milk is essential for the hardening of the teeth, some sweeteners in milk can cause tooth decay if left on the teeth for too long.  Therefore, rinse your mouth with clean water immediately after drinking milk.

When children get permanent teeth, if they do not get enough calcium, they get pitted teeth.

How fluorine is useful to teeth

When speaking about teeth, be sure to remember about fluorine.  Another essential nutrient for our teeth is fluoride which we absorb especially from water.

Some landmasses have high levels of fluorine, while others have low levels of fluoride in the underground water.

If fluorine is less than what we need, then we can notice a few changes in the tooth.

Dental caries can occur when there is not enough fluorine. When fluorine builds up more than it should, we can see pits on teeth and gums are stained.  Such teeth are softer than normal teeth, are less likely to cause dental disease.  These teeth are high in fluorine, which helps prevent tooth decay.

Due to the high fluorine content in the water, changes in the color of teeth are more noticeable in people.  This is called “fluorosis”.  It is not good to have too much fluoride in water.

Essential Vitamins

Gums need vitamin C to stay healthy.  When the body is deficient in vitamin C, the gums become swollen and bleed with any kind of touch.  As the gums become damaged in this way, they will not able to hold the teeth tightly and there is a chance of losing our tooth.

The body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium mineral.  Although we can normally get this vitamin through sunlight, it is a good idea to give growing children ingredients like Shark – liver oil.

Things to avoid

When children get addicted to chocolates or sweets and if this habit is overdone and you might not realize how bad it is to their teeth.

It is possible to get stuck in the gums when eating carbs and sweets where pathogens grow well on these spots. These insects make some acids which increase the risk of tooth decay.

The decay of tooth is high when you consume a lot of carbohydrates, sweets, bread, etc. and forget to rinse your mouth after.

One thing to realize here is, It should be noted that the cause of tooth decay is not due to overeating, but because these substances stick to the teeth and stay for a long time.

That is why it is not advisable to give ingredients like sticky sweets and chocolate too much to children.  Foodborne pathogens can enter the gums and damage them.

If a vitamin deficiency is added to this, the gums will be completely damaged.  This can cause the teeth to loosen up from the gums and fall eventually.

Healthy Teeth

Teeth are more likely to get tough if they take hard material foods than soft material foods.  Ingredients that are strongly abrasive will keep the teeth clean. Among them, we see fewer dental diseases in those who eat a lot of sugar cane.

We all need to realize that the foundations for the teeth are formed in the mother’s womb. So pregnant ladies should take calcium-rich food like milk and yogurt.  After the baby is born milk, shark – liver – oil, etc., can be used to prevent tooth decay.

If enough care is taken in the beginning, it will be easier to prevent the teeth from chipping and losing at a young age.

  • To maintain dental health: Go to the dentist every six months and get tested to see if the teeth are healthy.
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly after consuming any food, even milk, and coffee
  • Long-lasting sweeteners in the food are dangerous to the teeth.