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After the release of Bahubali, Rana Daggubati has become a household name all over the world. Rana lost his 30 kilos of weight to look organic in his upcoming film.

He is a well-known actor and a good perfectionist in the Indian film business, thus he doesn’t need much of an introduction to Indian films. He is a proven actor and fine perfectionist in the Telugu film industry.

This 6feet Indian man has lost 30 kilos as his character demands to look lean in his next film Haathi mere Saathi. Because his character required that he look slim in his forthcoming film Haathi ka Saathi Saath.  He recently uploaded photos to his Instagram account and here are all the interesting photos with his trainer and other diet secrets, as well as his fitness antics.

In the upcoming film, he will play a role that is genuine Jungle Man. It does, however, necessitate a significant amount of groundwork. He also stated that his Director (Prabhu Sir) requested that he appear thin and natural. Because I’ve always had a huge build, losing all of the weight was challenging “Rana says” that  To appear thin, I had to go through a lot of physical training. My work was completely changed, and a greater emphasis was placed on agility.

In this picture, he plays a man who spends much of his life in the forest, solely for saving to save wild animals. This trilingual film was shot in four forest locations in Kerala, Mahabaleshwar, and Mumbai, India, as well as Thailand. It took 250 days to shoot. This film is also released in Tamil and Telugu.

The truth about his weight reduction

Rana’s weight loss journey, like any other, is not simple. He admitted that controlling his diet is challenging for him because he is a huge eater. Rana, a hardcore non-vegetarian, adopted a vegetarian diet and made several dietary changes. For a couple of months, he said he stopped eating protein-rich foods and went vegetarian. He also cut down on salt and ate less in general.

His Routine

He’s been given athletic training. Kunal Gir, his trainer for more than three years, worked on his physique. He’d go to the gym for two hours, focusing primarily on intense cardio workouts. Rana is the only one in the group who never complains.

“Fitness is not a part of my regular life; it is a part of my job,” remarked one superstar. I go to the gym on the same days that I go to work. And it’s something I truly enjoy doing because it’s for a certain job.

When Rana is not specifically training for the role in his films, Kunal Gir revealed that the actor likes to keep his breakfast rich in healthy carbs (like oatmeal, egg whites, or veggies) and other meals rich in protein that help him to recover his body from the intense workouts. He takes fruits and protein shakes as his munching snacks.