Reasons for tooth Decay and How can we prevent it??

Reasons for Tooth Decay
Examine the teeth, see if they are getting good nutrition or not? Our teeth are direct evidence of the mistakes we have made in the past regarding food.  Our body needs good teeth and strong gums.  Good digestion should also need healthy teeth. Good teeth...

10 Medicinal Plants you can grow in Backyard

Medicinal Plants
Home Herbal garden in which it grows herbs around the house for basic health care. The purpose of promoting such gardens is to identify some of the most widely available medicinal plants in the area, root them in the backyard, and use them as...

8 Essential Mineral Salts for our body

On average, a man eliminates daily about 20 to 30gms of minerals salts. Bones and teeth are made up of mainly calcium, magnesium and phosphorous, and iron is an important constituent of blood. Iodine is necessary for the proper formation of hormone thyroxin. Calcium The bones...

Pulses & Legumes:: Why they are SuperFoods??

Pulses have been very important in the diet of human beings since they settled in one place and started farming.  In our dishes, we use a wide variety of pulses, such as Green Gram Red Gram Bengal Gram Black Gram Red Lentil Although there are...

Winter care for your Hands & Nails

Your hands are noticed more than or nearly as much as your face, so they deserve to be beautifully cared for.  It's easier to hide any imperfection of the face through make-up, but hands need constant grooming. Hands are the first to show the signs...