Know your Skin type :: Dry, Oily Or Combinational

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We all know that there are 3 different skin types. But the Skin problems and the remedies for these three types are not at all the same. Before knowing the remedies for your skin problems know your skin type for better results. It is essential to know your skin type to buy the correct moisturizers and cleansers which suit you.

Dry Skin

  • Human skin contains a certain amount of moisture or oil, sometimes this moisture is consumed completely before it can be replaced. This results in the skin are dry. In such cases, a rich cream cleanser should be used instead of soap and water.
  •  Use a very mild skin tonic after cleansing the skin. Astringent lotions are not for dry skin.
  • About once a week wash your face with a juice of melon which is good for dry skin.
  • Dry skin demands tender care from you. You must preserve whatever natural oil your skin contains. Besides, it needs extra oils to fight out its dryness.
  • Use a good nourishing cream twice or thrice daily.
  • After removing make up an application of nourishing help in keeping your skin moist and greasy.
  • Women with dry skin need a facial once a week. If you do not want a readymade face pack, prepare one at home by mixing Milk with melted butter helps soften the dry skin.
  • Lanolin, apple juice, Peach juice, Sour cream, melon juice, milk, honey, and crushed almonds are helpful for dry skin.
  • Dry skin is spared the agony of acne.

Oily Skin

  • It is considered to be an asset as compared to dry or combination skin, Because of over lubricant of the skin wrinkles do not form soon. Oily skin does not get affected much by sunlight or wind.
  • Oily skin needs a regular cleansing routine because it attracts dirt.
  • If it is not cleaned regularly, the dirt will close up the pores, and eventually, blackheads will be formed. Then if these blackheads became infected a mere touch of the hand will form a spot.
  • An Astringent is good for oily skin, which has a tightening and drying effect.
  • People with this type of skin should wash their face with soap and water. Even medicated soap may be used to get rid of spots.

Change your food Habits

  • Avoid Fried and processed food.
  • Included Green vegetables in your menu. 2 tbsp. of lecithin granules (a by-product of soybeans) it taken daily will help on oily skin.
  • Fuller’s earth, oatmeal, and almond paste are excellent cleansers.
  • After washing your face, wet a towel with hot water and apply it to your face. Repeat this process 2 or 3 times. Then wet the towel in ice-cold water and repeat the same process 2 or 3 times to close the large pores. This whole skin stimulating routine will refresh your facial skin.
  • Lime juice mixed with water is excellent as cleansing or after cleansing lotion.
  • Buttermilk or beaten egg whites applied on oily skin will have a drying and tightening effect.
  • A mixture of parsley juice mixed with honey with a few drops of lemon or ginger is good for oily skin. This mixture will control the secretion of oil from the skin.
  • Cucumber, Parsley, Cabbage, tomato, Yogurt, and lemon are natural aids for oily skin. Oily skin does not require any nourishing cream

Combination or Patchwork skin

  • If you have such kind of skin you must be having an oily nose, chin, and forehead with dry cheeks and temples.
  • Sometimes as you grow older, oily skin changes into a patchwork one. Your skin will be less oily and certain parts of your face, mainly temples and forehead will become dry. Treat both oily and dry areas as individual ones.


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