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Nowadays everybody prefers to eat organic food and lead an organic lifestyle. In the name of organic food, people are not realizing whether they are actually buying organic food or not. Before going in-depth into the topic let’s know more details about it.

How is the food grown and processed organically?

Make sure the below is the list of food products to have organically?

The first thing we have to know is that the term Organic is different from Natural. If you see any packed food with “all-natural ingredients” It doesn’t mean it is Organic. Organic Farming, Food is grown in a way with limited and nontoxic pesticides which doesn’t damage Ecology and Human Health. Whereas, Conventional farming is a kind, in which food is grown with synthetic & chemical pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides, and GMOs (Genetically modified organisms) by which it damages Human Health and the environment also.

Why do we need to choose organic

Organic food products are more nutritious than food that is grown in conventional methods. It has higher levels of Vitamin C, Minerals & Antioxidants. Food grown by conventional methods contains so many harmful pesticides, insecticides, antibiotics, and growth hormones. By having them on a regular basis leads to infertility, which may also lead to cancer. Those harmful pesticides penetrate deep inside the food and leave residues over there. Even if you properly wash our vegetables/ fruits these residues remain forever. So our cleaning reduces the risk but cannot eliminate it.

Organic food is grown in safe soil by using fertilizers like compost, removing weeds by hand plucking procedure and protecting the crop from animals with traps, and by growing good bacteria which remains the fertility of the soil. Below are food products we have to choose organically.

Fruits/vegetables Dairy Poultry Grains The list of fruits and vegetables we should buy organic

Apples, Bell Peppers, Carrots, Cherries, Grapes, Lettuce, Pears, Strawberries, Potatoes, Spinach.

If you can closely have a look at the above list, you can actually differentiate the fruits /vegetables into two types Peeled and Unpeeled. It is good to choose organic unpeeled fruits /vegetables, so you use them directly without any fear of loss of nutrients. Apples/ Strawberries/ Blueberries/Peaches are the true superfoods with rich antioxidants, Vitamins & Minerals but they are cultivated by 13 different pesticides which are harder to remove with any kind of cleaning process.


According to reports, normally we consume 60 -70 % of estrogen through dairy by-products. ST or rBGH is the chemicals given to the cow either through feed or injection, to stimulate milk production by raising the level of IGF-1in the cow, consuming more levels of IGF-1 increases the risk of Breast Cancer, by choosing organic milk or milk products we can avoid the risk.

Yielding bell peppers, spinach, carrots, and potatoes require more pesticides and we use them as it is. Peeling the outer layer of vegetables is not possible in all cases and concern with losing nutrients in the outer layer. So it means most of the fruits and vegetables we use as whole fruit are apples, strawberries, blackberries, cherries, grapes, and vegetables like Tomatoes, Spinach, Eggplants, etc.

Animals that are grown as organic should be fed with organic feed, should have access to the outdoors, and should not be given antibiotics, growth hormones, or any animal by-products. They should be grown in clean living conditions and a healthy balanced diet. Choosing the right kind of food for our family is the biggest task. So Be wise and choose the right food. Be Happy and Feel Healthy