7 Super Foods that help you to lose fat WHILE SLEEP

7 Super Foods that help you to lose fat WHILE SLEEP

To reduce weight, we must make several good dietary and lifestyle adjustments. Which is truly beneficial to you. “Burn fat while you sleep” is correct; everyone knows that working out and eating a healthy diet can help you lose weight, but how come we lose fat while we sleep? Yes, with these incredible meals, it is feasible.

The following basic principles must be followed: 

Eat foods that improve your body’s metabolic rate; 

Eat more protein; and 

Replace trans fat with healthy fats ( saturated fats):

But how can we lose weight while we sleep?

Drinking Black Coffee or Having Green Tea

This truly aids in the acceleration of your metabolism. It aids in the burning of more calories, which results in the burning of more body fat.

Ideally, 3 to 4 cups of black coffee each day will help you boost your metabolic rate, lose weight, and burn fat for the rest of the day.

Have more Pepper

Black pepper and spicy peppers might aid in the reduction of belly fat as you sleep. Increase your consumption of them in soups and salads to help you lose abdominal fat quickly.

Consume more protein

 Protein is one of the most important nutrients for our bodies. According to their weight, a typical individual requires the same amount of protein. For example, if a man weighs 70 kg, he needs 70 g of protein.

This might be any kind of base, whether it’s plant or animal-based.

If you prefer plant-based protein Soya, chickpeas, black-eyed peas, green peas, Bengal gram, and Redgram are all good options.

 If you prefer Animal-based protein, chicken breast, fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy products contain all sources of amino acids which our body requires.


Have more milk or milk products

Calcium in milk and milk products aids in the breakdown of fat cells, while minerals in milk can stimulate your metabolism. Milk should be consumed in the amounts of 1200mg to 1300mg per day in order to burn fat.

You can also have yogurt or cheese in addition to milk. Taking three to four servings each day will help you burn fat while you sleep.

 Eat whole grains

Whole grains assist to keep insulin levels low and they are high in complex carbs, which aid to speed up metabolism. Oats, barley, brown rice, whole wheat, and wheat bran are examples of whole grains.

A bowl of Oat cereal in the morning will fill you up and kickstart your metabolism, and a cereal bar at night can help you lose weight while you sleep.


Consume Citrus Fruits

Fruits rich in vitamin C and fiber include lemons, guava, grapefruit, oranges, tomatoes, and papaya.

Vitamin C boosts fat-burning capacities and speeds up the fat-diluting and elimination process of fat from the body. Fruits high in Vitamin C and Fiber can help you burn fat and speed up your metabolism.


Saturated Fats Vs TransFats

Natural fats or good fats, such as those found in meat, nuts, and butter, are known as saturated fats. They’re truly good for your health.

Trans fats are synthetic saturated fats that are harmful to human health.

This Trans Fat stops nutrients from entering your cells and stops the release of toxins from our bodies. So, if we want to lose weight, we should cleanse our bodies by eating good fats.


The above foods are considered to actually help us to speed up metabolism and these are considered fat-burning foods. 


Top 4 reasons why do we want to eat healthily??

Top 4 reasons why do we want to eat healthily??

This is the question most of my tribe asks me and there are so many questions running in our minds about this.

Does eating healthy make you fit?

Does it keep you away from most of the seasonal flu?

Does it boost our immunity?

Do you ever think about to eat healthy at least one meal a day??

Let me explain to you how eating healthy changes your lifestyle.

We are already living in an environment where our natural water resources are polluted, our air is polluted with so many toxins,  and the total environment is radiated where the little birds are disappearing due to this radiation. Technologies have taken many things from us. We really can’t do anything in these changes unless reducing the usage of plastic and preserving the natural resources for our future generation. The only thing in our hands is to choose our food wisely & breath some fresh air by growing some indoor plants in your home and educate others who are interested.
Now choosing healthy food is going to be a big task for us. There are many products available in the market from different brands with affordable prices.
Me as a responsible homemaker I slowly started to make sure my family is going to have at least one meal and snack as healthy. As a snack, you can have any seasonal fruit.
These changes in your food habits make your kids follow the same and let them know the importance of eating healthy.
We can’t imagine how the people’s lifestyle has changed. Most of the people want to do their things done to be instant?
Maybe that is why “banned maggie Instant noodles” are opened again.
They want instant weight loss, they want instant food, they want instant fairness. But take a look at all of them they are just temporary they are not permanent and healthy too.
They order food instantly thinking that cooking healthy food is a time taken process.
Does eating healthy makes you fit??
Yes, healthy eating makes you fit, unless you are utilizing and balancing calories too. Then what’s the point, if you are eating healthy, try to do some physical exercise at least 20min in a day. There is no point if you exercise for an hour and eating unhealthy food immediately. That means you are filling up the burned calories again. Both should be balanced Eat healthily and do exercises if you want to lose weight.
Does it keeps you away from most of the seasonal flu
Yes, by eating seasonal fruits we can stay away from seasonal flu
In my olden days, I can see water and musk melons only in summer to beat the heat, I can see custard apples,  oranges, and gooseberry only in winter and monsoon seasons. They are seasonal fruits gifted by nature. Of course, we can see those fruits in un season also. Please do not eat watermelons in winter and any other unseasonal fruits. They are not naturally riped or they might be from any cold storage which preserves those fruits to sell them on un season for better profits.
Does it boosts immunity??     
Yes, Eating healthy boosts your immunity. Replacing sugar with Jaggery or honey boosts your immunity.
Replacing junk food with fruits or healthy snacks improves your immunity. So choose your food wisely and do not fall sick often.
Do you ever think about to eat healthy at least one meal a day??
Eating healthy is an Individual personal choice. By looking at you your children follow the same. So if you want your family to be healthy, first you have to start your healthy journey. Change your lifestyle and diet according to your routine and observe the changes in your body and soul. Start eating healthy at least one meal a day which you can gradually increase.
An unhealthy lifestyle leads to so many health disorders like cancers and decreases fertility rate in both males and females. So keep an eye on what you eat and how much you are eating. Ask and spend time with your grandparents or elders they may reveal to you most of the secrets how they lead their life and how they were in your age.
Reasons why we should lose post pregnancy weight

Reasons why we should lose post pregnancy weight

Pregnancy, giving birth to a baby, and lactating are going to be the wonderful things that happen in every women’s life. Being fit after pregnancy and lactating is going to be the toughest job for your rest of the life.

I have seen many women who don’t care about their health and body after giving birth. Everybody has their own reasons for it. When I met few new moms who stopped lactating and when I ask them about their weight loss journey, I had listened to their common answers just like, they don’t have much time to do exercises, or they don’t have time to consume a healthy diet and they don’t overcome their cravings and eating junk.

Actually, during lactating it becomes habitual to eat more, just to feed your baby. But if once you stop feeding you have to stop overeating also.

In my case it is completely different, I decided at the age of 16 not to be like those moms, just because I love my body, I want to fit in my wedding dress at all of my ages.

By keeping those reasons behind, let’s talk about

why we should lose weight after giving birth.

There is an old saying, If you educate a woman, she is going to educate the entire family, likewise, if a woman is aware of healthy eating, she eventually makes her family eat healthily and to be fit.

A fit mom keeps her family fit and bought her fit child too.

To look good and confident.

Being overweight for a longer period leads to health issues like diabetes and cholesterol etc

This is not the age for those health issues.

Watch my video for more information about reasons for weight gain



Reasons why you are not losing weight

  • Make sure about your portion, you are no more pregnant and no more feeding your baby.
  • Most of the women don’t want to waste their food, they just eat that extra food that makes you obese. Your belly is not a dustbin, to through in extra food. Since you are wasting it anyway,  Eat only a sufficient portion of food.
  • Stop eating your kid’s leftover food unless they are fruits.
  • We prepare our kid’s meals with lots of ghee and sometimes with dry fruits too.
  • Take half an hour of time for yourself or at least 20 min in a day to do any kind of physical exercise, adjust your timings according to your kid’s nap timings. 20 min in a  day, it might be the time you watch your favorite tv show or any serial. Trust me those 20 min are worth more physical exercise than watching those unwanted TV shows.
  • If your kid is cooperative ask them to do exercises with you.

Be Fit and Be strong, if the women in the family are strong and fit she makes her family strong.


Say GoodBye to Boredom by learning New technologies

Say GoodBye to Boredom by learning New technologies

How many of you feel bore during this Lockdown??
How many of you lose your job during this pandemic??

Due to this pandemic, every common man’s life has become miserable. Break the boredom and start rebuilt your career. You are not stuck at this point. Time is very precious, have to utilize this time by doing some work based on our interest.

Learning new technologies in this free time, helps you to restart your career, once everything is normal. What I feel is “Doing something is better than doing Nothing”.

I utilized my time and as a part of my hobby in learning new technologies, here in this article, I am going to write about the law of marketing in my opinion.

When I was in my 7th grade my science teacher used to say, before understanding a topic, we need to know 3 “W” questions. What ?? Why ?? Who ??

This kind of thinking makes me understand new things very well. Where I am completely new to marketing and before understanding every new thing the three” W “questions raised in my mind about this law of marketing.

What is marketing?

Who needs marketing?

Why do we need to know about marketing?

Basic understanding of Marketing & its Fundamentals Everybody should know

What is marketing?

Marketing is not just selling the product to the customer, as every salesman does that. It is all about targeting a set of customers and then selling your quality product to the right customer at a right time and that right customer is going to be the biggest asset to your product/ service.

Who needs Marketing?

Every business needs marketing some of them like Food, entertainment, traveling, Health care, law firms, beauty products, wellness, Home Décor, Art, Fashion, Electronics, everything needs marketing. Without marketing your product/service may not reach more people and may not generate leads.

Why do we need to know about Marketing?

“Doing business without marketing is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.” — Steuart Henderson Britt

In the same way, to expand and grow your business, whether it is a small scale or large scale you need marketing.

If we are producing great products, it has to reach great people, marketing helps as a medium between your customers and great products.

It also helps us to build a brand and capture a position in the minds of the customers.

Facts about Marketing:

Trust can be earned but not bought.

Building trust is the first law of marketing. Be ethical and first build trust with your customers. If the customers trust you, they become a word of mouth to the next customers and this cycle goes on.

  • “Marketing brings in customers, but word-of-mouth brings in the best customers.” — Jonah Berger
  • At last, your marketing comes to an end, your product sells itself with trust what customers have.
  • Never make marketing more important than the product. Start market research, it helps to understand what customer is looking for in the product. Make sure you design your product that fits customer needs.
  • For example, your product is a mobile phone with basic features and started marketing your product. The customer buys your product and comes back with a suggestion to add new features. So accordingly you start designing your product what the majority of your customers ask you so that your product fits in it.
  • Never invest more money in marketing, invest more in the quality of the product.
  • Give them quality, that’s the best kind of marketing
  • If the quality of your product is not good, marketing helps you to sell your product but it won’t sustain in this competitive market.
  • A good product doesn’t need any marketing it can sell by itself.
  • Marketing helps to create a perception of the product.

What helps you to create a strong bond with your customers??

Whatever the bond, whether it is a wife & husband, mother & child, brother & sister, communication is more important.

In the same way, good communication with your customers leads to Trust. It helps to let them know about your product and create a healthy relationship between you and your customer.

Good communication with your existing customers helps you to turn them into your lifetime customers. And these customers are going to be word of mouth for your product/ service.

How can we relate Global economics to marketing?

Don’t think that Why I jumped to Global economics from marketing??

We need to do marketing, where there is a market for your product/service. Without a market, you can’t run your business.

We all know that India is one of the developing countries, with an average age group of 27 years. All of them are going to spend their money for their growth either personally or professionally. In this expenditure, there is a lot of money circulation from one person to another person. Banks also help us to take loans, i.e., we are taking debts from banks and we return them in the form of monthly EMI’s.

In this part of money circulation from one person to other we can see a lot of money, but which doesn’t exist in reality. This is what happens in developing countries like India.

We can’t see this money circulation in Developed countries like Japan, the reason it has an average age group of 50 years in the population.

As most of them are well settled and they don’t spend much money. It means we can’t see the circulation of money in Developed countries.

That is why we all look at marketing in Developing countries like India and China.

Understanding this economics of our country shows us to target people who are interested in your product/service.

How can we do Marketing ??

Traditional Marketing

Tv ads, Radio ads, Newspaper ads come under traditional marketing which is still under usage.

According to the stats, TVads can reach up to 800 million to 1 billion people.

Radio ads may reach up to 65% of the Indian population

Whereas, Newspaper ads can reach up to 465 million people.

Digital Marketing

“Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.” — Howard Luck Gossage

Whereas, Digital Marketing helps us to reach more people who are fluent in English speaking i.e., 100million people.

Facebook Ads, Google ads, Instagram Ads are some of the examples of Digital Marketing.

If you feel like your Targeted customers are more into fluent English speaking, then digital marketing is the best option.

The Drawback of this Traditional Marketing is in which we cannot do Natural sales due to lack of communication and you cannot do deep marketing also.

Direct Response Marketing

Imagine you have a quality product, which is new to the market. You are running Ads to get the leads and convert them into your customers.

But how do you know whether they are reaching your targeted audience or not?

So tracking your ads, to know whether they are reaching the right people or not is called Direct Response Marketing.

How to track??

Ex: If you click an ad on Facebook or any social Media which follows you to fill in your details or to download an eBook with your details is nothing but, we called it Direct response Marketing, in which you get a response from your customers with their details. This how we get to know that our ads are reaching the right persons or not?

CATT Marketing Funnel

Wealth =  nCATT

N- Niche

How to select your Niche?

Everybody has their own talent and passionate about their skill. Somebody likes Cooking, Baking, Fitness, Motherhood, Parenting, IT, News, Banking, Fashion, beauty, etc.

You have to narrow down your targeted Audience, if you concentrate on multiple niches, you won’t have the right group of customers. So you have to narrow down your Customers.

Your Niche is going to be your success and wealth.

You have to be passionate and you are Talented in your selected Niche, and there should be a market for your Niche.

C – Content

Writing content on your Niche is going to be the second major task. You have to write in such a way about how you feel when you are in their place and your suggestion how you need to overcome it.

Your content should be in such a way to attract your community of people.


If your second major task goes well, you get attention from your community. To get more attention we have to do SEO and run ads on social media.


Trust is something that we cannot buy, you have to build it

Building Trust in your Audience is the toughest task to be done. To build trust Deep marketing is one of the kind, i.e., to send more personalized emails, for what they are looking for.


This will happen automatically when your content is good enough, and you get more attention by building the trust of your community.

If all the above goes well your product and service will sell naturally.

If required, we also need to have seller calls, sale webinars, sales pages, sales letters to convert your leads into your customers.

Integrated Digital Marketing

The coordination of various aspects or different modules of Digital Marketing is called Integrated Digital marketing.

The below framework shows the different modules of Digital marketing that helps to execute CATT funnels.

How to evolve as a personal brand and why it is important?

Personal Brand is nothing but you becomes a brand ambassador for your own product/services

personal brand



In the process of evolving you have to learn how things are going to be done.

To learn you have to understand, remember the facts, and practice what you have learned.

After practicing, you have to work on the things that you have learned. Work as a freelancer, digital mentor, or on your own projects.  But don’t stop working. This kind of work helps you to keep updated with fresh ideas and facing new challenges.

Blogging, nothing but writing, write what you have learned, and your work experience, so that people will look at your work and your standards.

Consult, If people like your blog, they start consulting you for their issues, that’s where the evolution of personal Branding starts.

Mentor, mentoring /helping others who want to become like you.  A good mentor teaches you how to think not what you think.


The above all helps you to start your own business products/ services.

Building a Mass trust

This actually happens at mentoring level, you have to build trust from your customers and get more clients as well.

mass trust

This shows that the cycle continues.

Your personal brand differentiates you from others.


People want to hear from people, not from your Brand.

For example, Gordon James Ramsay is a British chef, restaurateur, television personality, and writer. He founded his global restaurant group, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, in 1997. It has been awarded 16 Michelin stars in total.

As a reality television personality, Ramsay is known for his bluntness, as well as fiery temper, strict demeanor, and frequent use of profanity. He combines activities in the television, film, hospitality, and food industries and has promoted and hired various chefs who have apprenticed under his wing.

Ramsay is known for presenting TV programs about competitive cookery and food, such as the British series Hell’s Kitchen (2004),

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (2004–2009) and

The F Word (2005–2010),

and the American versions of Hell’s Kitchen (2005–present),

Kitchen Nightmares (2007–2014),

MasterChef (2010–present),

MasterChef Junior (2013–present), as well as

Hotel Hell (2012–2016),

Gordon Behind Bars (2012), and

24 Hours to Hell and Back (2018–present)

In the mid-1980s, he worked as a commis chef at the Wroxton House Hotel. He ran the kitchen and 60-seat dining room at the Wickham Arms

Despite the restaurant’s success, a dispute with Ramsay’s business owners, who wanted to turn their restaurant into a chain, and Ramsay’s dream of running his own restaurant led to his leaving the partnership in July 1998. He has described the decision to set out on his own as “the most important day of my entire cooking career; the most important decision of my life”.

Source- Wikipedia

This how Marketing is important to run your business and learning Ethical Marketing helps you to build a Brand in this competitive market.



Bathing ways to get rid of Body odour in hot summer

Bathing ways to get rid of Body odour in hot summer

Why bathing is important

Bathing is not for cleaning your body only.  It is extremely relaxing and soothing as well as reviving and stimulating.

Bathing improves the skin of the entire body and replaces the moisture of our body.

Tub – baths are more relaxing and luxurious, as different perfumes, oils and skin softeners can be added to the water.  Taking bath with hot water – energizes the body.

How to reduce the body odour in summer 

After taking a bath and drying yourself, you must apply deodorant to remain cool and fresh for the whole day.  Application of deodorants is a must during summer to avoid bad, unpleasant odours of perspiration.

An intake of leafy vegetables, which are high in chlorophyll, also helps diminish perspiration odour.  If radish or turnip tops are rubbed under the armpits as well as eaten regularly, perspiration odour will diminish considerably.

Vinegar diluted in water takes away odour from perspiration if applied under the arms.

The use of deodorants will keep you fresh the whole day long.

Why should we use bath oils?

These bath oils are not new, but our elders are using these bath oils since their childhood and they make us know the benefits by applying them to the skin and by using the essential oils in our water tubs.

These bath oils help us to relieve stress as while we breathing these aromatic oils reaches our limbic part of the brain which controls our emotions. So these essential oils are not only good for our skin but also helps to relax our mind and keep the stress away.

How to use Essential oils for Bath

We find many aromatic bath oils in the market. Unfortunately, they are expensive and don’t know whether they work well on us or it may lead to any unwanted rashes on the skin.

Things to know before using Essential oils

Essential oils won’t mix up with water, so we need any other oil or any diluted agent.

Do not use the concentrated Essential oils even you like fragrance.

Make sure to use just 3 or 4 drops of essential oils mix with thrice the amount of any base oil like sesame oil, Olive oil, coconut oil, Milk or Epsom salt.

You can mix these essential oils in your shower gels too, but very few drops like 2 or 3 with 3 tbsp of shower gel.

The most common essential oils for the bath are Lavender oil, citrus bliss, serenity oils.

How to have a relaxing bath

Calendula leaves, if added to the bathwater, heal body scars and thread veins.

Lime and mint leave also contain healing properties.

Like facial skin, body skin also needs the restoration of oils.  Almond paste, tied in muslin and used instead of soap, makes the body smooth.

A few teaspoons of glycerine or almond oil added to bathwater make the bath more relaxing.

To make bath oil at home, mix three parts of castor oil and one part of any aromatic oil in a bottle and use one teaspoon per bath.

Another recipe for bath oil is to mix 3 parts of almond oil to 1 part of any aromatic oil.  Bottle and use a few drops per bath.

Almond bath – oil clings to your body when you get out of the bathtub.

A handful of Epsom salts added to bathwater has a great refreshing effect.

Epsom salts rubbed over shoulders and arms and on the rest of the body at the time of taking bath, clean the skin.

The addition of a cup of vinegar to the bathwater makes the bath very refreshing and reviving.  Massage of vinegar, diluted in water, revives the body and cures any itchiness.

For getting rid of fatigue quickly, take alternating cold and hot baths, Standing in cold water up to your calves, for two or three minutes, can help you to sleep well at night.

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