Self care

Your hands are noticed more than or nearly as much as your face, so they deserve to be beautifully cared for.  It's easier to hide any imperfection of the face through make-up, but hands need constant grooming. Hands are the first to show the signs of age but sometimes, due...
Hair fall is natural phenomenon, Losing 50 to 100 strands of hair a day might be quite normal, but if there is more or less than this could be your poor diet, pollution, stress and genetics. Here are the 5 common reasons for hair loss 
We all know that there are 3 different skin types. But the Skin problems and the remedies for these three types are not at all the same. Before knowing the remedies for your skin problems know your skin type for better results. It is essential to know...
How to Clean and steam your face depends on your skin type and effective face masks for healthy glowing skin