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Why bathing is important

Bathing is not for cleaning your body only.  It is extremely relaxing and soothing as well as reviving and stimulating. Bathing improves the skin of the entire body and replaces the moisture of our body, and also keeps the body odour away

Tub – baths are more relaxing and luxurious, as different perfumes, oils and skin softeners can be added to the water.  Taking bath with hot water – energizes the body.

How to reduce the body odour in summer 

After taking a bath and drying yourself, you must apply deodorant to remain cool and fresh for the whole day.  Application of deodorants is a must during summer to avoid bad, unpleasant odours of perspiration.

An intake of leafy vegetables, which are high in chlorophyll, also helps diminish perspiration odour.  If radish or turnip tops are rubbed under the armpits as well as eaten regularly, perspiration odour will diminish considerably.

Vinegar diluted in water takes away odour from perspiration if applied under the arms.

The use of deodorants will keep you fresh the whole day long.

Why should we use bath oils?

These bath oils are not new, but our elders are using these bath oils since their childhood and they make us know the benefits by applying them to the skin and by using the essential oils in our water tubs.

These bath oils help us to relieve stress as while we breathing these aromatic oils reaches our limbic part of the brain which controls our emotions. So these essential oils are not only good for our skin but also help to relax our mind and keep the stress away.

How to use Essential oils for Bath

We find many aromatic bath oils in the market. Unfortunately, they are expensive and don’t know whether they work well on us or it may lead to any unwanted rashes on the skin.

Things to know before using Essential oils

Essential oils won’t mix up with water, so we need any other oil or any diluted agent.

Do not use the concentrated Essential oils even you like fragrance.

Make sure to use just 3 or 4 drops of essential oils mixed with thrice the amount of any base oil like sesame oil, Olive oil, coconut oil, Milk or Epsom salt.

You can mix these essential oils in your shower gels too, but very few drops like 2 or 3 with 3 tbsp of shower gel.

The most common essential oils for the bath are Lavender oil, citrus bliss, serenity oils.

How to have a relaxing bath

Calendula leaves, if added to the bathwater, heal body scars and thread veins.

Lime and mint leave also contain healing properties.

Like facial skin, body skin also needs the restoration of oils.  Almond paste, tied in muslin and used instead of soap, makes the body smooth.

A few teaspoons of glycerine or almond oil added to bathwater make the bath more relaxing.

To make bath oil at home, mix three parts of castor oil and one part of any aromatic oil in a bottle and use one teaspoon per bath.

Another recipe for bath oil is to mix 3 parts of almond oil to 1 part of any aromatic oil.  Bottle and use a few drops per bath.

Almond bath – oil clings to your body when you get out of the bathtub.

A handful of Epsom salts added to bath water has a great refreshing effect.

Epsom salts rubbed over shoulders and arms and on the rest of the body at the time of taking bath, clean the skin.

The addition of a cup of vinegar to the bathwater makes the bath very refreshing and reviving.  Massage of vinegar, diluted in water, revives the body and cures any itchiness.

For getting rid of fatigue quickly, take alternating cold and hot baths, Standing in cold water up to your calves, for two or three minutes, can help you to sleep well at night.