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I’m Tripura Rajaputra, passionate health, fitness, and nutrition enthusiast. My blog is specially designed for women who struggle to lose their extra weight after giving birth with detailed information about food & the Nutritive value of food. It also helps you to find the right value of food for the right person. And you can also cook delicious and healthy food without any loss of nutrients.

Everybody loves food and it is very difficult to lose weight by suppressing our cravings. I lost my post-pregnancy weight up to 15kgs  with the help of this healthy lifestyle and changes in my daily intake of food.

My goals towards weight loss were not done overnight, that is the thing which I strongly decided when I was 16 years old, not to become like the rest of the moms who don’t care about their health and excess weight after giving birth because I love me. I can not give up so easily on my weight. When I was struggling to lose weight after giving birth to a baby I remind my decision and tried hard, but being a foodie it was very difficult in the initial stages and slowly I starting losing weight with simple changes in my diet and a minimum of half an hour of any physical exercise and maintaining healthy lifestyle off-course with a lot of cheat meals.

In my journey, I came across a few moms who lose their weight just by controlling their portions. I feel how lucky they are.

Few women like me will lose weight, by controlling their portion and with some sort of physical exercise.

Some women are who don’t even take care of their health and ask how to lose weight and can not stick to their goals. It’s not the time to give up, please restart your journey and stick to your goals. My blog helps you by suggesting food recipes and knowing the nutritive value of the food, and very simple changes in your lifestyle. Our vision is to reach more people in the traditional way of health benefits and lifestyle changes.

Come on, join your hands with me. Let me be a part of your weight loss journey. Stay tuned for more updates.

Why we need to eat healthy

We live in a toxic world, and technology has stripped away many of our possessions. Regrettably, there isn’t anything we can do.

But one thing we have control over is how we eat and how green our surroundings are.

Healthy Women

There is an adage that if a woman is educated, her whole family will be educated as well. Similarly, if a woman in a family is healthy, she will help her family be healthy.