Bathing ways to get rid of Body odour in hot summer

Why bathing is important Bathing is not for cleaning your body only.  It is extremely relaxing and soothing as well as reviving and stimulating. Bathing improves the skin of the entire body and replaces the moisture of our body. Tub - baths are more relaxing and luxurious,...

Quick and Healthy Breakfast recipes to kick start your day !!

Breakfast is a very important meal in a day, which we should not skip. To start a day healthy, make sure you are having more protein in your breakfast. Let’s go into the recipe which makes your day starter feel healthier, feel fuller, and...

Are fats Healthy?How they help us to lose weight?? Know about Low-Fat Diet chart

What is a low-fat diet? A low-fat diet is reducing the intake of bad fat from your diet.  Not all low-fat diets are the same and the major rule is that including healthy fat in your diet and eliminate the bad fat. Some healthy fats...

Are you bored eating the same oatmeal?? Here we go…. 5 must try recipes with Oats

Oats Recipes
Oats are one of the cereal grains we used to take in our daily life.  Nowadays there are so many kinds of Oats available in markets, like whole grains or rolled oats and instant oats. Instant oats have a smooth and creamy texture which...

5 Easy & Healthy snacks to lose your weight

Cut down your snacks if you want to lose weight! That’s actually a myth to lose weight quickly without snacks. Most of the trainers and doctors suggest us to take 5 smaller meals in a day instead of 3 heavy meals. Actually eating snacks in between...